300 Residential Suite

When good looks and great price are important

When good looks and great price are important, choose Window Innovation’s 300 Residential series for your new or existing home.

Tested to meet the performance requirements of NZS4211. The 300 Residential series meets or exceeds the “Very High” wind zone rating for all its products.

Features and Benefits:

  • Window frames have a clean platform with no deep traps for silt
  • Sloped condensation channel to aid the drainage of any accumulated condensation
  • Strong back mullion options to keep clean lines to exterior
  • Proprietary high performance condensation drainage with an anti-blow back component
  • Highly durable cast stainless steel lock connection, locking tips and lock tip strike for hinged doors
  • Flush-bolts on French doors can be mounted close to the lock strike so that you don’t have to stoop or reach to release the flush-bolts
  • Narrowest bi-fold door stiles available on the market, capable of 2 metre high door in a high wind zone, 2.2 metre in a medium zone
  • Heavy duty stile capable of 2.4 metre high doors in high wind zone or 2.2 metre in a very high wind zone
  • Sliding doors can come with square thresholds (flush sill) for deck to align with internal floor level to give a level step