400 Thermal Suite

superb performance with great looks

This suite combines superb performance with great looks- outstanding thermal control, high component strength, and streamlined design.

With this suite, you can select a different colour for the inside and outside surfaces of your windows and doors.

Getting the level of comfort and a healthy environment that suits your lifestyle is what really matters. This can often mean compromising on other things that are important to you, like the environment and sustainability. Not with Window Innovation. Our new 400 Thermal suite means you can look after your family today and generations to come. It is really that simple. Combining advanced European design with New Zealand’s most environmentally friendly aluminium.

The new 400 Thermal suite delivers better performance day after day. With the “Thermal Break” being on the outside causing an obstruction to the heat or cold escaping or entering your home, meaning higher thermal performance and reducing the cost of heating and cooling.

Our 400 Thermal suite was benchmarked and showed a 36% improved “u value” thermal performance compared to one of our standard competitors.

Features and Benefits:

  • Structural window mullions with internal strengthening for clean sightlines
  • Proprietary hardware allows venting and low profile options
  • Stainless steel door rollers on our polyamide “Easy Glide” track
  • Thermal break to the outside for higher thermal performance
  • Hinged doors have multi point locking system for strength and convenience
  • High-performance design allowing panels over 2.7 metres high
  • Bi-fold doors have bottom rolling carriages with stainless steel rollers and track sweep, making one of the most robust carriages available in the New Zealand market
  • Narrowest bi-fold stiles in New Zealand market without compromising strength