Architectural Suite

leading providers of aluminium joinery

Overall Features

  • Window and door systems can be glazed with units up to 30mm in thickness
  • For continuity and the ability to couple readily, two system depths are offered, 106mm (slider) and 159mm (stacking slider)
  • Aesthetically the various system parts are all flush front and square in appearance
  • The Omega Architectural Suite is primarily a square cut framing system. This provides durable and very strong connections between structural and framing members.
  • A range of fixing options for a variety of installation types.
  • Range includes:
    1. Awning & Casement Windows
    2. Hinged Doors
    3. Sliding Doors
    4. Bi-folding Doors & Windows
    5. French Doors
    6. Pivot Doors
  • Windows and Doors have been designed to span 2.7m in a very high wind zone, 1760Pa ULS (1250Pa SLS)
  • The door systems can be internally or externally beaded to allow for internal site glazing on more difficult sites.
  • 25mm facings to provide additional weathering at the frame edge over a traditional residential framing cover.


  • Architectural Window platform is 52mm in depth with a ‘square’ internal aesthetic providing a substantial internal appearance at the frame edge
  • 52mm Window Platform depth provides substantial sash strength allowing large sash spans up to 2 metres in height
  • Sash options can provide for a flat exterior look, with a glass line constant with the fixed light, or a more highly performing facing sash
  • Mullions boxed for strength internally to provide a structural commercial appearance
  • Range of framing options to provide more cost effective installation for smaller windows
  • Split Mullion option to provide the option of unitized installation for strip glazing of larger units

Hinged & French Doors

  • Heavy Duty 46mm Cast Aluminium Hinges to provide durability and strength
  • 52mm panel depth to provide additional span capability for the door suite
  • Omega proprietary strip drive locking. Provides durable/silent operation for multi-point locking door sashes.
  • Range of proprietary stainless steel door strikes with concealed fixing systems
  • Wide door stile and rail options for additional strength
  • Foam Q Lon perimeter sealing for higher weathering and acoustic performance

Sliding Doors

  • High capability rollers have been developed and tested, capable of carrying 450 kilos of glass (225 kilos per roller carriage)
  • Sliding Door Panels are on the outside, providing a higher performance door installation
  • Sliding Door panels can conveniently meet at 90 degrees, allowing for mullion-less internal or external corners.
  • Fixed lights and sliding panels have the same appearance, common sightline
  • Proprietary 4 panel joint (bi-parting doors) solution to provide the narrowest 4 panel joint solution on the market
  • Polyamide track solutions to provide a replaceable surface for the rollers to act on
  • Foam Q Lon internal perimeter sealing for higher weathering and acoustic performance
  • Unique raised track solution to allow water to drain quickly away

Bi-fold Doors

  • Bottom rolling bi-fold to get the operating loads back to the slab
  • 52mm stile with heavy wall thicknesses to provide substantial strength in a small stile width
  • Stainless steel lock strikes for enduring performance
  • Heavy Duty 46mm Cast Aluminium Hinges to provide durability and strength
  • Proprietary bottom rolling hardware
  • Doors have been designed to be suitable for 2.7m heights in a very high wind zone.

Pivot Doors

  • Structurally glazed door panel with virtually invisible rails and hinge stile
  • 52mm panel conceals all the pivot hardware
  • Capable of pivoting door assemblies up to 200 kilos in weight
  • System allows the use of concealed overhead transom closer hardware to control the panel
  • Range of framing types to allow for a variety of installation types
  • Allows the use of dust sockets for discrete multipoint locking strikes
  • Designed to allow door assemblies up to 2.7 metres in height and 1.4metres in width
  • Liner frame pivot options
  • Sill frame heights as low as 30mm in height are available
  • Square cut commercial frame conventions for durability in frame connections