New Builds and Upgrades

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New Build

Bring in your new house plans and discuss with us your requirements and we will advise you of the best window solution for your new home.

Options include the 300 residential series, the warmth of the 400 Thermal series or the new Architectural series with its smart contemporary lines, allowing greater spans to help frame that special view, while still giving excellent performance.

Your new home is very important to you
and we want to help you

With years of experience in the industry we can help you achieve the finish you want and keep it inside your budget. No two homes are the same and they should not look the same, with our windows your home will look unique and reflect your style.

Replace Existing

When it comes to upgrading your current single glazed timber windows, there are several options available to choose from.

Insert windows

This is a great cost effective way to upgrade while keeping your timber frames. We remove the internal members of your timber windows and install the new double glazed aluminium frames into the rebates. This preserves your internal linings and your external cladding, great for old plaster work.

These come in the 300-residential series or the 400-thermal series for extra warmth and comfort.

Full Replacement

If your old windows are in poor condition with rot or bora then a full replacement is the best option for you. We come and remove your existing windows and doors and install our new residential or thermal series replacement windows and doors, re-architrave the inside ready for your painter to finish it off. The difference is amazing.